Clash of the Storms
Roswell, New Mexico, 7th June 2014

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Clash of the Storms - Limited Edition

2nd Place: Weather Photographer of the Year Competition (over 16s)

About the photo:

A clash between two storm cells in New Mexico, US in June 2014, each with it's own rotating updraft. It appeared as though one updraft was anticyclonic, resulting in a very turbulent scene. The curved striations of the oldest noticeable against the new bubbling convection of the newer. It was a fantastic sight to watch and it's the rarity of such scenes that keep drawing me back to the US Plains each year.

Taken with a Nikon D610 and Nikon 14-24mm lens, with an exposure time of 1/160 seconds at f5.6 and ISO-100.


The picture has received a wide variety of media coverage, including:

The RPS and RMetS


The Guardian

The Telegraph

The Weather Channel

Amateur Photographer 

And many more...

Buying the limited edition print:

We have 75 large prints in 30" x 20" standard print / 32" x 24" poster print size and 25 in the smaller 18" x 12" standard print / 20" x 15" poster print size available for sale. They will be received mounted, signed and are issued with a certificate of authenticity.

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