Tornado On Show
Wray, Colorado, 7th May 2016

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Tornado On Show - Limited Edition

Winner: Weather Photographer of the Year Competition

About the photo:

This is a classic severe weather set-up in the high plains of Colorado near the town of Wray, which yielded one of the most photogenic tornadoes of the year.

We were just ahead of the storm as the tornado started and tracked with it as it grew from a fine funnel to a sizeable cone tornado. At this moment, the twister was at its most photogenic while its parent super-cell continued to be manageable. We were among a number of people, including those you see in the shot, nervously enjoying the epic display nature put on for us.

Technical details: taken on a Canon 5DS-R, a 24-105 Canon F4 L IS USM, at 24mm / f4.5, ISO 400, 1/60s


The picture has received a wide variety of media coverage, including:

The RPS and RMetS


The Guardian

The Telegraph

The Weather Channel

Amateur Photographer 

And many more...

Buying the limited edition print:

We have 75 large prints in 30" x 20" standard print / 32" x 24" poster print size and 25 in the smaller 18" x 12" standard print / 20" x 15" poster print size available for sale. They will be received mounted, signed and are issued with a certificate of authenticity.

UK delivery times are typically one week or around 2 weeks for international delivery.