Tim Moxon

Tim MoxonMy interest in storms stems from a passion for experiencing nature playing out large scale events, particularly when those events result in the incredible  environments that can both scare and inspire you when you encounter them. Until I met these storms in person I had no idea just how much wonder they would inspire. Chasing severe weather is something that, if it grips you, can really take hold, meaning that you crave those few weeks of a year where you'll drive over 500 miles per day and on a good day get rained, hailed and blown around like crazy (and on a bad day just drive around!).

As a software developer with a love of gadgets and technology in general storm chasing provides a great deal of interesting avenues for combining lots of cutting edge tools, and rarely will I ever get a laptop working harder than when it's orchestrating GPS, navigation software, weather feeds from satellite and internet feeds along with tens of model animations downloading and waiting for our attention. Every year I return with a new ambition to create new tools to help work with the plethora of available data for forecasting more efficiently, but sadly never get round to it...but I will certainly be making them available here if or when I do!

My favourite aspect of chasing has become weather photography. I've always loved photography, particularly playing with SLRs, with my first being a Canon T60 on my 15th birthday. I now work with a Canon 5d Mk iii running Magic Lantern which provides a fantastic tool for shooting both stills and video. I love shooting timelapse, although it can be a struggle with the best shots being available when you have the least time to capture them! I'm always happy to talk about aspects of weather photography and post production, so please feel free to get in touch.

While our photos can never capture the true nature of all the different types of weather we see, we are always striving to get as close as we can. On the one hand we've created this site to try and share our experiences with anyone and everyone, but also to simply try and be able to better afford more time and equipment to capture even better weather photos next time!

I was very honoured to have been named Weather Photographer of the Year in 2016 by RMetS and RPS. 

2017 Photos out now

We've selected a number of our 2017 photos to include on the site which can be found and ordered via the catalogue here

Weather Studios Blog

Visit our blog to see the latest updates while we're in the States, or read some of our chase history and see even more photos. Visit the blog here.

Charitable Giving

We've set up a new fund to donate 10% of all our (net) sales to support victims of severe weather events. Our most recent donation has been to the Disasters Emergency Appeal for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

We also highly recommend the Storm Assist project. All their profits go back to those affected by storms. Great place for t-shirts, videos and calendars.