Here are some links we like:night shelf

A forum where storm chasers can share experiences and knowledge, chat and make friends and showcase photos. This is the first ever storm chasing website I ever came across and is where I first made contact with many of my storm chaser friends. Also provides an area where forecasts and nowcasts can be written / viewed by members.

A fantastic list of links for helping to learn how to interpret forecasts and understand weather patterns. Also full of links to glossaries, journals, case studies etc.

Every aspect of the weather and meteorology is explained, with diagrams in an extremely easy to understand way. Every question you have ever had about the weather can be found here!

A free educational resource where you can learn and teeach yourself about the weather. A modular format allows you to work through whatever you like at your own pace. After working through the material, a test can be taken and a certificate received. Completely free and can't be recommended enough if you want to learn about weather. we found the modules for summer severe weather particularly useful when learning about the severe weather on the plains.

Up to date forecasts, outlooks, discussions and watches for the US. Our most frequently used reference point whilst out in the States. Educational links, weather info and links to research also available.

A UK based organisation, with links to research and site surveys for storm damage experienced here in the UK. Details of their biannual conferences can also be found. these are well worth attending if you have a passion for severe weather and give you a chance to get to know many other people with the same interests here in England.

A popular forum where all aspects of the weather can be discussed, from unseasonal rainfall in England to Aurora and space weather. Frequented regularly by storm chasers posting accounts whilst out in the States.

A great set of links on how you can be a storm spotter, the patterns to look out for and the channels by which you can report your observations.

2017 Photos out now

We've selected a number of our 2017 photos to include on the site which can be found and ordered via the catalogue here

Weather Studios Blog

Visit our blog to see the latest updates while we're in the States, or read some of our chase history and see even more photos. Visit the blog here.

Charitable Giving

We've set up a new fund to donate 10% of all our (net) sales to support victims of severe weather events. Our most recent donation has been to the Disasters Emergency Appeal for the Philippines Typhoon Appeal.

We also highly recommend the Storm Assist project. All their profits go back to those affected by storms. Great place for t-shirts, videos and calendars.