Storms brewing and Eclipse Timelapse from 2012 - 11 February 2013

This video is not the most exciting stormy sky footage, but I'm always a fan of timelapse skies, and although these clouds refused to turn as stormy as we'd have liked, they still made for some reasonable subject matter.

In the last scene you are watching the beginning of a annular eclipse on 20th May 2012 near Sundown, Texas. You'll see that as we approached the main event a cloud positioned itself problematically and we had to packup and race off to a location where the cloud wouldn't interfere with our line of sight.

All of these timelapses were taken at around 3 seconds per frame in RAW and then have been processed and stitched together using Lightroom's slideshow functionality to export the project as a 25fps slideshow, with
a little help from a useful preset download from this pixiq article.

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