Day 8 - Warmer...

26 May 2012

We awoke in Salina, Kansas, in a sweet and bizarre "Log Cabin Motel" which was somewhere between confused and seedy, but cheap and bug free...and headed north to follow up on a risk area emerging to our north.Today would be about a warm front, to the north, and our old friend the dry line, running south to north and perhaps some interaction between the two. We headed for what appeared to be a triple point between the front and dry line. It was a fairly dubious play but with storm initiation looking somewhat sketchy, but it seemed as valid a target as any. When storms fire on a warm front they will be a reasonable distance ahead of the front as you experience it at ground level. This is due to the angle the front has as it pushes over the colder air, meaning the action will be at the point where the warmer air hits the altitude at which it starts creating clouds (ideally big clouds).As we got north a couple of small storms fired ahead of the warm front. We chased after a couple of them, steadily getting ourselves further up Nebraska. Nothing was amounting to much, though, so we decided to continue north and head to our target area for the next day, which was all the way to Minnesota. The journey north would also take us through the warm front so we might still see some storms. As we drove north we got ahead of the front. Here the temperature dropped off by about 30F and, as rain from the warmer air above falls into the colder air, it evaporates, eventually satuating the air, and thus creating an eerie fog to accompany the sudden cold.

As rain falls into the cooler air below the warm front it evaporates, eventually saturating the air to create "frontal fog".

As we arrived at the junction for our road east we found ourselves in the path of a storm we'd been following a long time earlier. It even pretended it was rotating for us!

We're the small white circle with a dot in, in the top left area. The purple, arrowed, circles are areas of strong rotation. In this case probably an artifact of the algorithms that make them, or a long way above us, but they entertained us!

At least this meant we got rained on (quite hard) and saw some we'll tick that one off as not being a bust.After a couple more hours east, we made camp in a trusty Walmart carpark, having clocked up 861 miles...and just to top it off the forecast for tomorrow was deteriorating here, and improving where we'd come from...never mind, that's storm chasing for you!

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