Day 4 - Busting out a number 2

04 June 2011

It seems to be the pattern that we are to wake up in a Walmart car park every other day. It' quite good that way; a stable pattern that keeps costs down and a motel every other night helps us maintain a standard of cleanliness. That unfortunately isn't the only stable thing around here. So is the weather it seems. Stable, warm and pleasant!

Saying that, we did wake up to wind and rain. We had never been rained on first thing in the morning before. Unfortunately it was just that; a bit of rain. It then cleared to leave a fine, but windy day. We drove to the park, ate vegetables and dip and waited and hoped for the cap to break. The cap is otherwise known as a layer of elevated dry air that inhibits the development of any convective weather, acting like a lid and trapping the warm moist air at the surface. Whether it was in fact that the cap was too strong or that there was not enough lift to force the warm moist air upwards where it then cools and condenses into clouds, either way, we weren't going to have any joy with the weather today it would seem.

We kept hoping though and drove from out starting target of St. Cloud, Minnesota (we even hedged our bets by starting in a place with 'cloud' in the title), further east and into Wisconsin. Time passed and we kept on driving. We were given a ticket of hope early evening when the Storm Prediction Centre issued two warning areas for likely tornadoes and we were in one of these areas. However, with far stretching blue skies slowly fading as dusk approached we had to wonder why this watch had been issued. Nothing looked likely. But then all of a sudden we rounded the corner and saw this:

We kept in the right hand lane as it passed in front of us from right to left.

Even though it was quite a populated area, it skimmed past the houses. We stopped to check but no one was injured.

It then started coming right at us, so we hastily drove down the road full pelt away from it, but as we did, we managed to get another pic of it in the rear view mirror.

We headed south towards Illinois for the next day and tried to find somewhere to stay without being murdered.

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