Day 3 - Guess what? More storms...

06 June 2010

Firstly, sorry this post is a little late, we were chasing till late on day 3 and today (day 4) has been hectic all day, so this is our first chance to get posting. And, just as a teaser, day 4 has been so mind blowing it's hard to even think back to day 3! (No tornadoes yet, mind.)The risk areas for the day were in Colorado. We were in NE Missouri. That's quite a long way, about 450 miles on the navigation software. That is, 450 unless I (Tim) was too busy messing about on the laptop to realise we'd missed a turning. So let's call it 510 miles for good measure. Yep, that was quite a missed turning... Then lets chuck a puncture into the mix to improve our chances of reaching the storms at the key time of day - around 6pm!We ploughed on anyway, it was a long drive and we had one thing in our favour. Such a long way east and the time zone actually changes. The weather, of course, doesn't care about the time zone, however the change of time zone is because, of course, the sun gets onto the ground later. The sun is what powers the storms, so the sheer distance to the west played a little in our favour.After a loooong drive, in which we established some species of birds, that most American radio stations sound just like, but aren't actually nearly as good as, those on the game "Grand Theft Auto".As we reached the west of Nebraska, around 7.30pm, we started driving under an enormous anvil, the top was being pushed out towards us. This is a key factor in severe storms. Unless the anvil is pushed away from it's starting position, by high upper level winds, then it all just sits in a position, grows, drops it's load, then fades away. While the top is always being blown away then more can keep being dragged up from the bottom...We started to see some lightning in the distance, then more, then much more. This storm didn't look tornadic, but the lightning was incredible. Seriously incredible. Cloud to cloud, cloud to ground, all over the place. Once again we found ourselves on the wrong side of the storm, heading straight for it, without time on our side. This time we opted to find shelter as it went over us. We stopped into a garage to fill up and let the rain and any hail fall. The rain was hard, not like the stuff the day before, but still strong. The storm was big, too, and it was basically dark, but as the core of the storm passed over us, with a dazzling light show en route, the back of the storm turned orange. 

We finished up heading for a cheap motel in North Platte, Nebraska, which would position us well for the weather for day 4. (P.S. don't stay at the Days Inn, Nebraska - lame motel!)

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