Day 3 - Busting for one

03 June 2011

We set off in good time to try and get as far north as we could for likely storm initiation at around 6pm. This is typically the time when convection should be at its strongest, as the sun has basically done its work for the day, and will have done all the heating it can. At this point the energy available to the atmosphere is typically at its highest point.We got well into our target area by 6pm. We'd have actually preferred to be a couple of hundred miles to our northwest, however even when you're willing to take on whatever journey the chase needs, there are always limitations to what's viable.As we waited the forecasts kept shifting the risk further north, and in the end the storms fired too far away for us to take them on. We accepted our loss and decided to move on towards our next, somewhat hopeful, chase target in Wisconsin.As is our way on such occasions, we drove until sleepy, found a Walmart and bedded down for the night.Our saviour of the day would be waking with a bit of a start around 3am as rain hammered at the car and distant thunder rumbled around us. We'll tick that day off as a success then!

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SPC 01:00UTC day 1 forecast for Fri June 2011

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SPC storm reports for Fri June 2011

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