Day 2 - Fish Poo

02 June 2011

So with purchases made we headed west along the I70. There was a 'slight' risk by the Storm Prediction Centre for today, covering much of western Kansas and south-western Nebraska. This was in fact the reason we decided to head out here when we did - it was in favoured chasing territory and the risk area had become slightly more extensive each day it had featured on the outlook.We also needed to sort out our satellite data coverage by reactivating our account with the company we used last time. This is never a simple task due to the extensive number of products they supply and the joy of accents. We were hoping to use Skype but after realising we had no headphones, we decided to risk phoning them, hoping that it would be simpler this time and not cost us dearly. However, after 20 minutes on the phone without success, we thought it best to give up on this method and get some headphones in the next town Hays, to use with Skype. We did that only to find the headphone socket was blocked by the internet card. The next way around the problem was to find someone else's unsecured wireless, use that, Skype the guys providing the satellite data, job done. After 45 painful minutes over Skype, Tim had successfully reactivated the account, learnt a new form of patience and now knows the phonetic alphabet off by heart.Delays in proceedings such as these as always frustrating but are expected as part of the course and as it happened, Hays, where we were still based was a prime location to be at that time with storms starting to fire up all around us. The familiar sights of the towering cumulus made me jump up and down on my seat with joy and we knew we were now in the period of the clam before the storm. A period of probably an hour or so where excitement is mixed with a blissful unawareness of the hecticness you will soon be in. Radio gets turned off and the warning system of the mobile threatnet gets plugged in and you start taking photos out of the window at anything you see, even a little fluffy low level cumulus, because it just might grow into that tornadic supercell and you have it captured from birth.We were then faced with a tactical decision: north then west, or west then north. You may think, what's the difference, the end target is the same, but at times like this it's all about positioning and getting the journey right that makes the game an interesting play. North first then west would take us straight into the forward flanking part of the storm and obscure the views of any low level storm features due to the amount of rain in this area, but going west first, then north may turn a potential intercept into more of a chase, and although this whole experience is referred to as storm chasing, it's much more prestigious to be a storm interceptor!We went west and the first feature we saw was some mammatus on the underside of the anvilling storm. We had watched these develop from striations on the underside of the anvil that appeared silvery in colour before forming into these cellular pouch like patterns. Also referred to as gloopy dutz clouds by our friends back in Godalming.A little further on and the sky was becoming very dark in places, even though it was still early evening. Some areas had a greenish hue due to the light refracting through the hail within the storm and some parts of the cloud were hanging very low to the ground.

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