Day 19 - Drive-thru storms

05 June 2013

We woke, hoping for a more successful chase day today, but rather than the synopsis consisting of a single clear forcing mechansim, there were many reasons why storms might fire in many paces. A mix of a cold front, a dry line, a quasi-warm front, a potential trough and some upslope flow! We hedged our bets and placed ourself in the middle of the risk zone in central eastern New Mexico. We found a park and had some lunch. Some storms were firing a bit further to the north of New Mexico, around Raton, so we headed up there. The lack of roads around here commit you to a certain path once chosen. At a particular junction in Tucamcari, we decided east rather than further north would be best. Incorrect! We got rained on and a bit dusty under a weakening cell whilst the cell further north gained in intensity and became seveere warned with a clear rotating updraft. Again, these things happen! We decided therefore to drive straight through the dwindling cell and head on up north towards Colorado where we've decided to base ourselves for the last few days of the trip. The weather appears to be quietening down for a while and the draw of some log cabin type motel in the mountains and some good food and beer in a place where we're hoping we can have a base in the future is calling. I'm thinking this is a perfect way to round off our trip. And hey, we might be lucky and benefit from a touch of Colorado magic and the storms may come and find us this time?

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