Day 18 - Sunny Colorado

05 June 2012

We awoke in Walmart in Dumas, Texas, with the car a little cleaner (not clean enough - but hey, every little counts) from the storms overnight.The only risk for today was in Montana, which was an impossible play for us today, so we hopecasted (like forecasting but with a few sprinklings of hope chucked in for good measure), that something might pop up in Colorado, a state famous for edge cases creating some storms. It would have taken more than a bit of Colorado magic today though, as the upper level air was going to stop any convection in its tracks.Nevertheless we positioned ourselves for our hopecasted weather, which just happened to be near our favourite park in Springfield, and on the way to what appeared to be a much better set up for tomorrow.I was a tense wait to see anything would happen, involving sunbathing and a tinny.

  In Sterling we found our favourite motel, with vacancies. Time to get some rest, comforted by an ever improving outlook for tomorrow.

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