Day 15 - Travel Day - 01 June 2013

Today’s forecast looked weak, at best, with any storms due to fire up along a cold front and in behind existing storms left over from those the day before. It was not set to be a total bust, though. We awoke to crashes of thunder as some early storms fired and moved over us. I went into Walmart to pick up food and was briefly entertained by a very close lightning strike taking down the power in the store. Everyone whooped and hollered in exactly the way you’d expect of a store full of shoppers from the Midwest. Everyone except me of course, I’m from Surrey, so I took it in and then found a queue to get in. Quite a boring queue as it turned out, as the power outage took all the tills down.

We’d had a difficult night’s rest after a somewhat haunting chase from the day before and the car being a humid 82 degrees, so with the weak forecast too, we decided to leave chasing for the day and head towards a speculative target for tomorrow, of Southwest Texas. It provided a good opportunity to stop for a breather and recap the trip thus far and get a better nights rest.

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