Day 13 - Super Cell

16 June 2010

Woke up in northern territory. Well, more north than we had been but we still had some miles to travel to get us onto the high plains of the Dakotas which was where the action was going to be. The 16 hour drive yesterday took the strain off considerably, so it was a fairly chilled drive for a few hours to reach a town called Newcastle. The scenery up here is spectacular. Not many roads however, which was duly noted as this could potentially pose a hindrance to storm tracking. We grabbed a coffee and stopped up near a little park in the town centre. We chilled in the car with some snacks and more red bull. It's generally easier to be in the car for internet connection etc, but still it's nice to have a pleasant view.It seemed to take ages for anything to show on the radar. It probably wasn't all that long, but we'd reached our staging post in good time and it was a rarity to have time on our hands. Usually we're battling to get places as quick as we can. After a while we made a move north west to some developing cells. They weren't showing up as anything spectacular yet on the radar but this was partly due to the fact that they were at the initiation stage and not yet detectable on the base reflectivity. It was a great moment. The surrounding hills looked like the type of area hobbits would live and the clouds were low and black and raggedy at the edges. There were hardly any other cars on the road and a soundtrack of 'The Box' by Orbital was the perfect eerie accompaniment; very dream like.But these storms weren't going to amount to much, whereas on the horizon the cloud tops were literally exploding into the sky over the black mountains about 100 miles away. The updrafts feeding these cells were notably strong and this was apparent as the clouds rose like straight plumes of smoke to such an altitude. 

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