Day 12 - Cowboys and Beer - 29 May 2013

We woke up in a motel in eastern Kansas to yet another updated moderate risk! We decided to head toward the southwest corner of Kansas. As we drove there was quite a lot of low hanging stratus type cloud with a few small cells embedded that rained on us quite hard, but the aim was to drive through these to  where the main action of the day was going to take place along the dryline. Storms did fire, but they were being blown north so quickly that they didn’t have the chance to amount to very much accept squally lines of cells. The winds from them were incredibly strong, kicking up dirt and dust from the fields all around and the grain producing towns that we stopped at on route were a swirling mass of little bits of grain that really hurt when fired into you in such strong winds. It wasn’t looking like the type of storm mode we favour much. We got on one cell and tried to track north with it, but it ran away from us pretty quick and didn’t hold an ounce of structure. However, on our route, we did notice that Garden City, a town in southwest Kansas did in fact have an Applebees and a Walmart in very close proximity to each other – a great opportunity for some beers before crashing in the car for the night.

So that’s what we decided to do. Rather than fighting the outflow winds from a line of storms with no real redeeming photogenic features, we called it quits on the day and went and had some beer! Not before being blown about horrendously in the car park!




As it turned out the leading edge of the line of storms produced quite a stunning looking shelf cloud as it passed over the area, but after 5 beers each and 3 courses of hot food, we were more than happy with our decision! Also, by deciding to do this, we ended meeting Justin, a cowboy who lived up in Nebraska and was down here on business. We chatted with him at the bar for a good couple of hours and he gave us a massive insight into his life here on the Plains. Not much older than us, he was a worker of cattle, grew grain and also trained horses to run the barrels (they weave in and out of barrels). Justin, his wife and his little girl live up in Nebraska but he was planning on moving down Kansas way to build his own house, whilst living out of his horsebox. With horses round here for 10 a penny and the ability to, in his words ‘grow so many tomatoes and green beans by the end of the season you can’t even bear to look at another tomato’, my desire to live out on the Plains is growing even stronger!


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