Day 10 - Purest green

28 May 2012

We awoke underneath the dreamy lights of the artex with glitter glued on, in Salina, KS, and made a swift exit to head for Oklahoma. We had a reasonably long drive ahead of us, but the set up looked well worth the trip.Storm initiation was expected along the dry line stretching from central Texas into Southern Oklahoma. Combined with some decent humidity and heating, along with a shimmy up from the dry line, and we were set for some decent storms.As we arrived near our target area a nice cumulus field had developed - when cumulus start popping up along a line you can gain some confidence that some weather is going to develop there. This is in contrast to days where you can just see a cumulus, and a field, which tends to mean the opposite.The first storm we picked was initiating a little to the south of its siblings, and looked to be growing well.

Once ahead we made a break for Weatherford, where we stayed on our first night, which we could see would get hit by this storm, and we figured we could keep slightly ahead of it, and then enjoy getting munched from the safety of a motel.We arrived right on time and got into their one west facing (the direction the storm was coming from) room about 5 minutes before the storm hit. It provided a good opportunity to use our new Kestrel Pocket Weather Tracker to record the changes of conditions as the storm hit us. One hand in the storm with the weather tracker, and the other holding a beer, ideal.After about half an hour of some close and impressive lightning and accompanying awesome thunder, we called it a day.

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