Day 10 - Dominating

13 June 2010

Today started in a Walmart car park again. The familiar hot car (tent) and a bleary eyed wander into the store to buy some fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, and some lunch materials. There's some benefits to being veggie here, most chasers live off Maccy Ds or similar. We've eaten out once so far, and had a reasonable diet of fruits, fresh veg and cheesy bread. Ok, mostly healthy. But seriously, Walmart cheesy bread is food of the future...We were about 100 miles from where we needed to be, so head off to the west into the Oklahoma panhandle / Texas border area. As we arrived there were some brilliant cells forming up. Today's cells were initiated from some frontal lift (cold air undercutting and lifting warmer air). Interestingly this front of cold air was primarily the cold outflow from the massive line of storms the day before pushing south.The cells sprang up close but, at least initially, not together, so there were some discrete storms to get on. We managed to get neatly underneath them and were in a great place to see them. They were classic north east moving storms, and tornadoes tend to happen on their southern side. There was a line of 3 good cells formed and we were on the first, with the option of mostly sitting and watching them roll past from a good angle. Some storms had erupted before we got there, not good tornadic storms but ones that had a lot of precipitation and flash flooding was reported around the area, making some towns a no-go area. We had to drive through some big puddles to get on our storm, and even turn around on a couple of farm tracks that had torrents of water running over them, but we got into position fine. The water did add complexity to all our navigational plans, but nothing too bad.As the first cell came in, we got some great views of the shelf clouds coming in...

We headed down to the town of Pampa to search out a dinghy motel and a much needed beer. It turned out this city didn't allow beers to be sold on a Sunday! Fortunately a few hundred yards outside the city limit was another shop that was allowed. Strange old place, Texas.What a day! And technically, in all the wrong ways, we saw a Tornado!

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