16 June 2018

As the season draws to close the patterns are just starting to look more typical for the time of year. With some stronger upper winds around atop moisture returning to the central high plains today’s hopes were pinned on some potential starting in southwest Nebraska stretching up to eastern South Dakota and Minnesota. Our logistics meant that Nebraska was our best option.

A relatively short drive took us to Scottsbluff where we sorted out lunch and pondered the models further. A steep warm front would be the focus for storm initiation today and it was pretty interesting finding ourselves regularly moving between air masses that were 10C different over the course of a few miles. At least it was easy to know where the front was. Our issue was not where the storms might start, but where might have shear when they did, and have some roads.

In the end we opted for roads over forecast shear (although the current observations looked OK) and headed south to Ogallala. Some storms fired up and rained quite a bit, but on balance the bull and the horse that Cammie befriended were probably the highlight.



After a while nurdling around the storms, finding occasional transient structure, we determined that not much would happen so we signed off and headed down to Sidney. Fortunately for us the much higher risk area 8 hours drive to our north east also failed to at least we hadn’t added that drive to our miles. All in all a very 2018 chase day, but with some nice animals.

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