Passport to The East

25 May 2018

After a wash cycle in the Baymont Motel, Pueblo's washing machine, Timbo’s passport didn't come out too well and once dried, he would have had to look like a blue sponge to get away with using it.

Unfortunately the nearest British Consulate was no longer in Denver, but Chicago. This required a 12 hour drive from where we were in the middle of Nebraska to then return to more or less this same area.

After 10 hours east, we found a place outside Chicago called Sterling to stay. The motel, which prided itself on having a garden view (meaning the door and windows looked out onto the car park) provided a place to crash for a few hours before the remaining 2 hours were tackled getting into Chicago at just after rush hour.

Timbo was successfully granted a temporary emergency passport and I occupied myself in a Whole Foods Market picking up some culinary plant-based delights. There were 3 shelves of dairy free yoghurts and row after row of meat and dairy alternatives. I managed to spend an entire hour browsing and talking to strangers in the alternative meat section.


Meat Free

Armed with goodies I went to meet Timbo and his new passport. After making it out of the crazy city centre, we found a restaurant a few blocks out of town to grab a seitan burger (picked deliberately to suss out the competition) and some mac 'n cheese and then made a stop at a Whole Foods Market #2 where we found dessert in the form of a pint of ice cream each!

Mac N Cheese

Ice Cream

Ice Cream Cambo

After another 4 hours or so we couldn't drive anymore so retired for the night, feeling a little car-shaped at Williamsburg in Iowa where a slightly culty religious but kind couple ran a small motel up on a hill. In fact, it was so close to the Interstate that if we kept the door open and closed our eyes, we could even pretend we were back in the car again!


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