Moderate Drizzle

01 June 2018

The expectation of big storms today had been forecast a long way out, but unfortunately not for the slow moving discrete supercells that we dream of. Quite the opposite - a large complex of of storms, linear in nature and therefore usually without much structure. However, with a bit of luck, you can sometimes pick a discrete cell off the end.

It felt stormy. We were in the warm sector and the air was hot and gloopy. A warm front was forecast to move north, followed by a dry line and an overtaking cold front later in the evening, all a focus for storms. Any storms that initiated on these fronts were expected to merge into one large stormy complex which would then move southeast and thrash the Interstate 80 corridor with damaging winds and potentially large hail.

We tabled 2 options - attempt to pick off a discrete cell from the end of one of the initial lines or accept that the chance of any worthwhile structure was low and choose a motel in the town that looked most likely to be in the firing line later that evening and get ourselves settled in for the bad weather later.

We decided to give the storms a chance but were prepared to bail out early and resort to plan B if the storms weren’t working out. We positioned near the warm front. Most amusing part of the journey was tailing a line painting truck for an age, pulling out into the other lane to get a view as to whether an overtake was possible and then noticing that I had inadvertently smudged his newly painted lines into swirly patterns all over the width of both lanes. He must have been fuming!

Storms didn’t fire until much later into the evening and it definitely wasn't’ any of the explosive convection we were expecting. We muddled around near some for a while as they slowly formed lines and joined with a bigger cluster of storms further north. Some dryline storms were also starting to fire to our south. Anticipating the merging of all these storms before long we reverted to plan B and headed to Grand Island which looked primed for a bit hit later.

Early Storm

Sure enough, as all the storms in the area joined forces, their speed and severity grew. Some hailstones of nearly 2 inches were reported and there were a couple of tornado warnings from embedded supercells. As we’d hoped for we were positioned for a direct hit. The distance we gained on them left us time for a quick Walmart stop and a moment to appreciate the beautiful sunset.


Once settled into the motel, we stuck the radar back on. The storms were coming. At one point a tornado warned storm appeared to be heading our way. I freaked out a little but Timbo assured me the circulation would probably have dissipated by the time it got to us as they were still a little way off.


He was right. In fact the whole bloody line of storms had almost fizzled by the time they reached us, no kidding, the entire complex just died. The long lived severe line forecast to cause mayhem through a large proportion of the central Plains died about 5 miles from our motel! It was unbelievable. To be fair, we still had some good views, loads of thunder and lightning, but nothing close to what we had been anticipating.


What was far more impressive than any of the storms was that I managed to ninja a cockroach that tried to land on my arm whilst I was brushing my hair into the bin, not meaning to but killing him with a mid-air flick. So, a memorable evening after all.


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