Medicine for Bow

09 June 2018

After not having that much luck with the weather for a while, instead we decided to ditch any marginal setups on offer over the next few days, drive off into the mountains to do some hiking and clear our heads. Timbo found an awesome place in southern Wyoming - a small complex of little cabins - each with its own outside area, firepit and bench and right in the heart of Medicine Bow National Forest. The cabin was amazing - just big enough for the 2 of us (and Mr Pilkington and Owlly of course), woodclad with a gas stove to make it extra cosy and to make us feel even more at home the exact same bath mat we have back at Knolly - featuring a bear and elk - a Walmart special.

hummingbird cabin

bo n gary

On the first evening we went for a jaunt across the wide expanse of open range land that backed the cabins, chatted over a few beers as the sun set and attempted to make some food in the firepit.

First Walk

First Walk Snow

Evening Beer

Campfire Bo

However not having any cooking oil made things a little difficult and we can safely say soy milk does not have the same lubricating qualities as oil and instead just flavours whatever you are burning with soy! Being so high up in the mountains the stars were out in force, the skies were outstanding and we made use of any shooting stars to wish for some good storms to materialise before we headed home.

 The next morning we woke up to tremendous winds. There was weather to be found you see, but much further north nearer the Canadian border in rather unchaseable territory. What we were experiencing was the southern end of this, which made for a blowy breakfast and potentially windy hike that we’d planned for later that day.

We chose a hike accordingly - one that was enclosed rather than too in the open. We didn’t have that much luck spotting wildlife but we did catch sight of an enormous female elk about half way around and then a mink on a smaller jaunt around a nearby lake after our main hike.

Lake Walk

First mink ever spotted so bonus points for him! On the way back home we stopped at the local store to buy some olive oil, which made for a much yummier and less burny meal later that evening. Some chipmunks were also keen on joining us and very happy to help eat some of the less tasty walnuts we had bought a while back.

chipmonk photography

Chipmunk Nuts

The following morning we made our way back towards the central high plains to position for some potential storms in eastern Colorado the next day. We took the scenic route, which lead us to a horse who may have thought it was a cow and drove alongside a scary wildfire just north of the Colorado border.


We had thoughts of stopping in Boulder to visit the Beyond restaurant located in a Wholefoods and potentially exchange Rogey for another vehicle as we are still driving around with a busted windscreen. Neither of these endeavours actually came to fruition because our planned 5 mile hike on the Colorado side of the National Forest for that day was so flipping epic (and nearer 7 miles, including a surprisingly steep ascent to some pretty much the top of a mountain) that by the time we returned  to Roguey, it was gone 7pm and with achy legs there was nothing we fancied more than to chill in a motel with a couple of beers. That, unlike finding decent storms, is a very easy thing to do out here. 



Cambo Path

The Top

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