Lusk at Dusk

07 June 2018

We left Worland which is on the west side of Big Horn National Park in Wyoming and headed to the more familiar plains to the east. It was an awesome drive through badland type territory, tunnels carved through mountains and alongside rapid rivers that appeared to be flowing the wrong way! (It turned out there was a dam ahead, but that still didn't quite explain why they would travel 'up' the mountain). We stopped in Casper for a spot of lunch and then trailed some storms off the mountains. They didn't amount to much so we tried to make friends with the local semi-domesticated wildlife, but  unfortunately they weren't really having much of it either.

Mountain Storm



We kept heading east as new updrafts initiated in what seemed like a better environment. A couple gave us some semi-scary scenes of foreboding shelf clouds and we heard some good rumbles of thunder but that appeared to be our lot for the day. 

Storm And House

Found an awesome motel in Lusk, Wyoming though. Cheapest yet at $54 for a massive room for the night. We made the most of the slightly worn table and chairs outside and cooked up some field roast sausages, washed down with an upgraded beer (Sam Adams replacing the usual bud light) and finished the day having dinner at dusk in Lusk.

Dinner Table


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