Lurking around lusk

08 June 2018

Today's chase plan was a difficult one. There were some evident areas where storms were likely, that we didn't particularly want to chase in, and some outside chances of storms in areas we preferred. That left us in a precarious place. Afterall, we might get a reasonably long time here but the opportunities are finite, particularly this year, so going for the heart of any action should be the obvious call. But that isn't really our style, and it's hard to remain objective as the year's trials build up behind your decisions.

Eventually we reached a decision we were happy with, albeit one that risked not seeing much at all, but it was a well thought out risk, with an outside chance that the rewards would be excellent.

We didn't have far to travel so we started by heading to the local park to go for a run. It was better than expected, however things took a turn for the worse when we were ready to go and the car wouldn't start. Just moments before Cammie had been warned by a neighbouring vehicle that we'd need to move soon because a tow truck was about to turn up to take his broken down vehicle away. That might have meant our breaking down was bad for him, but as fortune would have it, that meant a mechanic was about to turn up.

The whole situation got a bit bizarre, but basically we'd run the battery flat while sitting there, and had to pretend like we hadn't spent 2 hours powering laptops, tablets and signal boosters and a fan from the car battery. This has never come up before because we're always more careful, but for some reason today we just ignored that risk and had kept eating away at the car's reserves. Anyhow, the mechanic with the tow truck didn't have a way of jumping us, but his angry looking wife turned up after half an hour with a portable jump-start pack and we were on our way. There were some odd characters involved, and it was a thoroughly bizarre situation, but quite memorable at least!

In the end the outside chance with the weather didn't pan out, so we basically just saw some rain and some transient supercell characteristics.

Little Bo

Then we returned to the motel we'd started from, this time in enough time to make use of their pool table...

Dead Zoo Pool

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