Last Chancing It

13 May 2018

With the jet stream messing around in Canada we found ourselves back in Colorado looking for some weather to arise from the powers of Colorado magic. The setup was an edge case; pretty much all factors in moderation - particularly moisture - but there was enough to be hopeful.

After a short drive out of the post-frontal chilly, damp and all-too-english weather of the Nebraska panhandle we were chilling in a hot park. Eddie (below) was a fan of Walnuts and we spotted an American Kingfisher doing some fishing, which meant whatever happened we’d banked some wildlife.


Shortly after lunch we made our minds up that the crossroads of Last Chance, Colorado would be our staging post. From here we drove west toward the Rockies as a couple of storms fired off the front range. We met the best of these on the road we were on and had a chance to wait as it took form in front of us.

Cambo Storm Dance 13Th May 2018


Dead End

It had some decent structure and followed a track east at about 20mph meaning we could readily edge down the road ahead of it giving us opportunities to get some photos and chat to some friends we bumped into along the way.


A particularly adrenaline fueled moment came when, on deciding to move on down the road, our found the car door locked - which I was convinced at the time meant it was locked with keys in the ignition. Fortunately I’d actually been being over-zealous and had taken the keys out with me, so after some panicked fumbling I found the keys were in my pocket. The brief moment of believing we were about to be hit head on by a storm while waiting for rescue was not a good one.

Although the storm had some good rotation in it for a time, it couldn’t keep itself going as it moved away from its source and it petered out as we followed it east. This lead to a fairly early finish so we headed to Brush, CO, and started the process of hoping that Colorado could do the same again tomorrow...

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