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03 June 2018

On Saturday we decided that the the following day's risk in New Mexico was probably worth going for. We had never chased that far west but we really are suckers for the words 'potential supercells' - it's sometimes just too tempting to pass up, and the setup did look ok, even if it was 750 miles away! We drove all Saturday and Sunday morning ready to be in position for Sunday arvo.

We drove west through and out the other side of Albuquerque which was probably the most exciting part of the day as we thought there might be a chance of visiting the restaurant where they filmed some of one of our favourite shows - 'Better Call Saul' - 'Los Pollos Hermanos' -  actually named 'Twisters' in real life.

In the end though we didn't have enough time to stop as a storm west of Albuquerque became tornado warned. We managed to position well on it but from what we could see, it still appeared very high based and soon lost any decent structure.

Early Storm

Timbo Storm

There was nothing left but to head back through Albuquerque taking the Interstate which was pretty challenging given the heavy rain, occasional hail and crazy balls lightning - one strike was only about 50m away! It was almost as if we'd been hit it was so loud!

A few cells that had developed further to the south looked ok, but we'd stuck with the previous storm for too long to now take the next road south and with fairly limiting roads it took a while to get to them. The radar for the southernmost cell looked good and it was definitely rotating. We tried our best to intercept it, but it took too long and the one spin up reported was too far away for us to see. By the time we found ourselves in a good position, the storm had died out. So, we bought some nuts and sat outside a gassy in Corona, waiting for the decaying shelf cloud to pass overhead before deciding what to do next.


Options were head a few hours north for a very marginal risk around the area tomorrow, sack tomorrow off completely and go for a walk in the mountains or commit to an 18 hour drive north for a risk the day after next. We perhaps unwisely opted for the latter and after making headway of 6 hours, we slumped our car seats back in a Walmart carpark near Colorado Springs for some, by that time, vital shut eye.

SPC Day 1 Weather Outlook as at 06:00UTC (01:00 Central Time the night before)

SPC 01:00UTC day 1 forecast for Sun June 2018

SPC Day 1 Weather Reports for the day.

SPC storm reports for Sun June 2018

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