High Plains Hailer

14 May 2018

Although, so far, there has been a lack of the larger scale synoptic events that we’re used to at this time of year, we’ve been doing pretty well finding storms in more marginal setups. Today was geared up to be another one of those days, with a marginal risk area in our favoured place of the high plains.

We headed from Brush towards Limon, where I bought a new pair of sunnies (hopefully not to be needed all day) and some lucky raspberries from Triftway, our favourite little shop in Limon. After this we headed straight west to Kiowa to watch the first storm roll in off the foothills. The road was familiar and the view was great. It rumbled past and started to look quite menacing.

Water Tower

There wasn’t a great deal of moisture available due to current large scale weather patterns limiting its transport up from the Gulf, but there was enough to fuel our storm. After taking a few pics we tracked back with it along the road we had just come up. The junction with the I70 was clearly the place to be and we pulled up with a number of other chasers including some mates and fellow TORRO conference goers.


As it moved east onto the plains it matured into quite an epic storm and was producing some big hail - tennis ball size had been reported. We jumped onto the Interstate in an attempt to keep in front of it, pulling off and taking pictures where we could. With hail that big reported we didn’t want to risk being overtaken by it.



As it veered southeast, the road we were on started to take us too far straight east to get a particularly good view. All other options were either dirt roads or would put us in its direct path so we decided at this point to call it a day.

Bad Cloud 2

We found ourselves conveniently near a cute little motel called the Trail Inn which seemed a good place to stay the night - a single story horseshoe with little conifer bushes and a chair outside each room, fairy lights strung up in the reception. A great ‘front’ for the prison block round the back that we had actually just paid for, that smelled of pot noodles and had rules pinned to the back of the door saying vomiting or urinating in the room or vomiting on the bed would incur extra charges. Nice! Does that mean, I was allowed to pee on the bed? It did however serve its purpose for the night and we had fun watching the weather channel and going through the day’s photos with the statutory beer and beans.


SPC Day 1 Weather Outlook as at 06:00UTC (01:00 Central Time the night before)

SPC 01:00UTC day 1 forecast for Mon May 2018

SPC Day 1 Weather Reports for the day.

SPC storm reports for Mon May 2018

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