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10 May 2018

Arriving on a Monday evening with no storms in the forecast to warrant a sense of urgency about getting anywhere lead to a fairly relaxed start. Apart from our "Vegan" meals mostly being made of cheese we'd had an easy enough journey. We secured our car after the usual shenanigans of negotiating with Hertz and then headed a little north to Fort Collins. Here we would take some time to set up kit, acquire some new kit such a new wifi router and some new innovations involving bungees and tripods that we've invented for this year. More importantly we had to acquire the minimum safe stock levels of Bush's Baked Beans. With all that set we meandered towards the area that looked like holding potential for storms in SE Wyoming.

So far 2018 has been pretty quiet on the storm front and shows no immediate signs of that changing. The forecasts being limited to some mildly interesting weather in the middle high plains at this time of year is not without precedent, however we would really be expecting to head for Texas for some dusty mayhem at this point in the season. Still, no complaints on the location.

Once our first day of weather arrived we were as prepared as we could be, with time on our side to spend going over the models in detail. The setup was textbook - a low pressure forming on the lee side of the rockies, strengthening then coinciding with an upper level impulse that would provide support to get things kicked off. Though the storms looked like they might be a bit elevated they still looked reasonably well set to be of the rotating variety...and where there's rotating storms there's photos to be taken.

We had 2 options to look to for storm initiation. Either a cold front or the mountains. We opted for the front and while we sat outside a gas station in Sidney, NE, deciding what to do, we watched some convection grow pretty close to us.

Bo Love

It took a while, but eventually we determined that it might be a storm worth keeping up with. It grew, lightning started, and it started dropping rain pretty much on our heads.

We decided to follow it north and it made some nice features while churning out a lot of lightning. As it moved away onto harder chase terrain it also petered out, making way for a storm coming in from the west. We headed out to meet it and found a nice location to watch it roll towards us. We enjoyed some good views, caught some timelapse, all in a pretty easy going way.



Bo Tripod

Bo Rain Shaft

 Bo And Rogue

Once it reached us we drove through it a couple of times to clean the car before heading south to an old favourite forty dollar per-night motel from where we could watch some storms to our South East roll past.

All in all an easy start to the trip...which has been very user-friendly...now we are totally set, so we need some more hectic weather...


SPC Day 1 Weather Outlook as at 06:00UTC (01:00 Central Time the night before)

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