Clouds and Booby Rocks

15 June 2018

It was once again a pretty long drive from Bismarck in North Dakota south to today's slight target in northeast Wyoming. About 3 hours through North Dakota's almost Mad Max landscapes of big dirty trucks, oil fields and drilling rigs that litter the otherwise beautiful rocky backdrops and open rangeland. Following this was a further 3 hours through the deserted rolling plains of South Dakota where you might see another vehicle every 20 minutes or so. That is until you stop at the side of the road for a wee and it becomes non-stop with vehicles popping up over the ridge.

We made it to Gillette in time for lunch and a picnic in the park amongst the flying fairies. I think they are actually seeds from a certain tree, but when the wind picks up you can almost believe you are in a snow globe - they just surround you and it's quite beautiful. I think we ingested quite a few during lunch.

Soon after lunch, the storms started to pop up in the area - how convenient! We tracked one rolling off the higher terrain and the booby looking rock formations in the area made for quite a cool backdrop. The storms were slow moving and we got a good view of the hailcore that was passing just overhead, but without getting smashed up this time.

Nearly Nada 2

Phone Land

Unfortunately there just wasn't enough energy in the atmosphere to keep the storms severe for long but we sat and watched them for quite a while, whilst snacking on lucky crisps, lucky dips, lucky broccoli and anything else we could find until it was clear they were done for the day.

Pap Out

By this point, we were too so we found a cute little motel in Douglas where we watched the sunset and Timbo made me an amazing hot falafel and cheese wrap that I had been looking forward too since the end of last month. When there aren't any storms to keep you going late into the night, there is always food!


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