05 June 2018

Having already bagged 6 hours of our journey north on Sunday night, we had about 12 more to go, so on Monday we drove all day. Monotonous hours in the car were broken up by a beautiful lakeside breakfast, the latest Philip Pullman book on audio in the car, finding a super cute bunny in a park, spotting lots of baby deer, drink stops and music.


It sounds bearable. It almost wasn't but somehow we got through it thanks to a lot of ibuprofen. When we arrived in Bowman, North Dakota we were pleasantly surprised to find the motel we had booked was ridiculously cute with enormous rooms - I think this was the world's way of rewarding us. There was so much room to move and to walk around! It wasn't the busiest of places, in fact we were the only ones there!

Motel Room

Outside Motel

Unfortunately our luck with the weather wasn't to be. We noticed a decline in the strength of the setup from late on the evening of our arrival. By the time the morning came, the risk had been downgraded - this doesn't happen very often. In fact, our original target of Bismarck, North Dakota didn't seem worth the further 3 hours drive east. 

Instead we headed west and into Montana, where there was also a chance of storms later in the day. Before leaving Bowman we grabbed a delicious mango sorbet from the travel centre - a treat I had missed out on in previous years as time had not allowed for it - and I also found a pair of lovely earrings. We headed to Garyowen, 3 hours west and waited for most of the afternoon in the forecourt of a gassy. We saw some kind of cool clouds on the way but apart from that, nothing happened. The only saving grace was nothing happened further east either, well not until after dark and a nighttime chase is never that appealing.

Weird Clouds

What did happen though is, after calling it a day and booking ourselves into a motel a few hours south in Buffalo, Wyoming, we opened our motel room fridge to find that someone had left 3 beers in there - a small win, but a win nonetheless.


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