Absolutely Last Chance - 17 June 2018

With the last of the packing done we left Days Inn, Sidney for the last time this trip, having left behind a bundle of unwanted goodies (those we couldn't fit in suitcases) on the side for the motel maid and some dumbells in the gym (wondering if they'd be here next year - chances were high as it was unlikely the gym would be used until we arrived here next year!)

The plan was to hit the Whole Foods market on the way to Denver to stock up on plant-based burgers and sausages - those you can only get in the US, to take home to form part of a taste experiment against our own burgers.

However, the weather chose once again to show who's boss and turned our plan on its head. On route to the airport, an upgrade to a 5% tornado risk together with one of the most promising sounding outlooks was issued just in time for us to shoot south and head off course to Last Chance (of all places!) to spend our last few chasable hours waiting for a storm to maybe go up. This would mean no Whole Foods stop and additional risk of missing our flight - but this was only if we were held up returning our hail stone shattered Rogue. We banked on the fact they wouldn't say too much and went for it.

Dream scenario would be early initiation, quick development into mature supercell. Tornado. Photos. Blat to the airport. Drop of Roguey - have a laugh about the windscream. Get to the airport in just enough time. Check in. Boom.

What actually happened was... we got to Last Chance, witnessed some failed attempts at early convection. Got slightly frustrated that the better storm looked too far back in the direction we had come from and wasn't logistically viable at this time. Ate all our plane food. Had a little dance. Got teased by another a little nearer that started to look quite good and then had to leave it as by this time we HAD to get to the airport. So we waved the storm goodbye in the rearview mirror and with this waved goodbye to a particularly difficult 2018.

Team Bo

Deer Trail Storm

What we did see however, on our flight back to the UK was an amazing display of noctilucent clouds. These clouds form in the highest reaches of the atmosphere – the mesosphere - which can be up to 50 miles above the Earth. They’re thought to be made of ice crystals that form on fine dust particles from meteors. They are sometimes referred to as Space Clouds. Now that's a way to end a trip. Maybe, in years to come, we should try our luck chasing storms up there instead?!



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