Trains and Floods in Wyoming

12 June 2016

It was a long drive but found a few pretty little storms to play with in Wyoming today. 

We got up early from motel Walmart in Chadron, Nebraska and embarked on the long journey south for tomorrows potential big day in Colorado. To keep us going today though, was the chance of some storms in a marginal risk area that overspread both parts of Colorado and Wyoming. After a long drive yesterday, Tim did much of the morning drive whilst I blissfully slept and probably dreamt about storms (I usually do out here).

We arrived in Sidney, an old faithful location on Interstate 80 in the Nebraska Panhandle. It was raining quite a lot. It looked a bit like England. We bought some snacks and drinks and perused the models. Nothing was immediately grabbing us so we edged a little further west, keeping options open.

About 10 minutes into our journey a few puffy whites were visible in the distance over the mountains. They looked OK but appeared to be pulsing somewhat - a sign that the winds aloft weren't that strong, which was expected. However, one had managed to edge a bit further north and into a better environment and was even tornado warned at one point, but nothing was reported. We raced after it but with a speed of 40mph north, we were always chasing it unfortunately.

However, once further north a few more storms had popped up around us and gave us some brief good structure and some cool CGs. 

fluffy dumplings

train and storm

Feeling a bit jaded from a long drive yesterday and most of today we opted to stay nearby, which would leave a little longer to drive for tomorrow but we welcomed the thought of a motel and a beer and some food. Our return journey took through a town which had recently been hit by another line of storms. The town of Torrington was still flooded as we drove though and a couple of trees had been uprooted, one of which had crashed into the restroom in the town park whilst someone was in it. Poor thing. Not the nicest place to be trapped. Everyone was OK though.

Torrington Flood

We found a sweet motel in the small Nebraskan town of Morrill where we were made to feel very welcome and with an exercise room that could give Fitness First a run for their money. Quite random seeing as though most fitness rooms, if there is one, even in the bigger cities are usually two pieces of old equipment, one of which is just about usable and the other which would probably kill you if you attempted to use it. So although tired, we exercised for a while to mould our bodies out of the car shaped mess they had become and started looking at the models for what was going to hopefully be a big day tomorrow.

SPC Day 1 Weather Outlook as at 06:00UTC (01:00 Central Time the night before)

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SPC storm reports for Sun June 2016

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