Storm Time-lapse from 2014 - 2015 footage

26 March 2016

Throughout our storm chasing trips I have been collecting raw footage for time-lapses. On the whole this involves setting up the camera on a tripod, setting everything to manual, attaching a timer or using Magic Lantern's intervalometer, and leaving the camera to shoot for as long as possible. The storms always keep you on the move so it's not always easy to be in a place long enough to capture enough footage for a good sequence, but after 2 years of efforts I managed to collate enough to make something of it.

There has been a lot to learn, not least from the amount of efforts needed in post production for some parts, however on balance I feel it has given us a really good result.

Some of the key lessons have been:

I hope you enjoy the footage, please do share it, it's all out there for the world to enjoy.

Special thanks to Ginger Beats for the epic "Before the Storm" track.

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