Busting Hannibal Style - no storms here...

11 May 2016

Today's chase targets were either a 7 hour drive south or a 5 hour drive east. Neither option looked amazing but taking into account the risk for the following days we elected to head east. Initially to North East Missouri, but ideally on to Illinois. It was a difficult one because ongoing storms, along with likely early initiation of other storms, complicated the setup and likely outcomes. Nevertheless we headed onwards and as the storms fired as expected to the east.

Some storms did fire for us, roughly where expected, although not for the reasons we necessarily expected. Unfortunately the atmosphere seemed a bit tired and the best the storms could manage for us was general thunder and lightning...and not too much of it. 

We finished the day finding a cheap motel in Hannibal, MO. A town dedicated entirely to the memory of Mark Twain. All the usual stores, but with Mark Twain either prepended or appended to their name. I don't remember seeing a shop with his name at both ends but there probably was one. The motel was a shocker and I believe this is the first time we've immediately checked back out of a motel in the US, but thanks to that decision we're alive to tell the tale. Still the storms hadn't managed to raise our heart rates today, so good that something did...

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