Wyoming Mountain Huggers

15 June 2015

We started the day in Southern Colorado having woken in a particularly rundown motel. The room had obviously once been occupied with a much smaller bed but as an upgrade the owners had bunged a bigger mattress onto the original base which had its challenges whilst sleeping, the slightest roll from either of us away from the middle and out toward the edge of the bed and we would have been straight off the bed and onto the floor. Aside from this, we had the oldest tele and telephone you can imagine and a door that shut by magic because it sure wasn’t the hinges holding it in place as these had rusted off. The plug for the microwave which had been placed atop the fridge failed to stretch far enough to be plugged in anywhere so Tim had to move it to the floor and kneel to make dinner. The final touch of class came in the way of a sheet of paper with a deer drawn on it that they provided you with to place outside of the shower so as to avoid slipping when getting out. You had to see it to believe it.

Aside from all of this though, it was great and with only a few steps from our ground floor swank pad I was out in the glorious morning sunshine, eating my bowl of Kelloggs Frosties leaning against the car looking out across the carpark and through the electricity pylon all the way to the glorious mountains. Whilst eating, I took in the views and thought Tower 64 RV Park and Motel will always have a special place in my heart!

Anyway, after a laid back departure we faced the 500 miles or something north to Cheyenne in Wyoming for hopefully some afternoon storms off the mountains. A slight upgrade in the forecast mid-afternoon had us quicken our pace where possible but an accident in Denver and then a half hour search for an exit off the Interstate with toilet facilities didn’t help things.

At about 4pm we crossed into Wyoming and a cell to our west became tornado warned but it was out of range so we opted to head north, continuing up the I25 to a cell that had popped near a town called Wheatland. This took us up and onto the Cheyenne Ridge – a place well famed for numerous storm events as cells fire off the higher terrain and move east across the lower Plains.

Unfortunately this wasn’t going to be the case today for our little storm who obviously didn’t have it in him to keep going after leaving the mountains over which he was born. His demise wasn’t a quick process though and we got at least an hour or so of some good structure, cool lightning with crescendos of thunder underfoot and some beautiful scenes and lighting as he rolled in off the mountains.

Entire Storm Structure

Storm And House

We haven’t been to Wyoming much before so it was good to be here and see a bit more of the place. At every turn there is some reference to horses and the horizon, especially down near Cheyenne is edged with the striking Rockies as a backdrop. There is a Safeway to hand (where I can get ham that isn’t sourced from the horrendous CAFOs they have out here), a park where we can freak out some locals by going for a run and an incredibly cheap and friendly locally-run motel whose name makes reference to the prevailing winds in the area and who have a three-legged cat called tri-hard! So all in all today held some mediocre weather but in an incredibly characterful place.


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