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07 June 2015

Last night was the second night on the trot in Walmart – something we try not to do much as it’s not great for the body or the mind for that matter. The numbers of bugs absolutely bloody everywhere this year due to the immense amount of rain they’ve had were also starting to take their toll on me mentally. On waking I drove to the Walmart front entrance as I didn’t even want to risk walking from the car to the store. I then went in and kitted myself out with full on anti-mosi defence clothing and sprays. I found full length lightweight trousers, a white shirt and a flowy scarf thing to wrap around my head like a headscarf, more bite cream, recommended spray and for really bad moments 100% deet.

Now feeling like I could continue with life, the focus turned to the storms. After yesterday’s harsh lesson there was no other option but to return to Colorado! Today there was a slight risk over eastern Colorado and the neighbouring States of Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas. Unusually the storms forecast for Colorado were in north-westerly flow in the wake of a passing cold front. It didn’t sound like a set-up that would yield many storms as typically post frontal air is drier and colder. In fact the set up looked really complicated so we headed to Wray, Colorado which is in a great location as it has roads leading out in all directions and is therefore a good bet hedging place in which to have a bit of lunch and see what pans out.

Just as we were finishing lunch we saw some cumulus towers go up in the distance. We headed north and intercepted a great little storm. It was fairly low-topped and took a while to become severe warned. It was coming towards us very slowly but grew more angry in its approach allowing us to get some cool shots and timelapse. There was hardly anyone else about except for a guy who joined us who was from Virginia. We all watched for as long as we could before the hail core hit.


Timbo And Storm

Unfortunately the few roads around the area meant it was 27 miles south to get ourselves into a good position on it again. By this time it had weakened quite considerably so we let it go and focussed on rescuing the turtles that had been lured out onto the roads by the rain. It’s really sad but the little things waddle out from the verges onto the road but they then get scared by passing cars and retreat into their shells. They are then too scared to do anything so just stay in their shells in the middle of the busy road. So we embarked on a drive by turtle rescue, stopping to pick them up and return them back to the safety of the grassy verges all the way back to Wray where we got a cheap motel for the night and found a park to run around to stretch the legs after probably about 60 hours in the car.

Timbo And Turtle


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