The Center for Punkin

22 May 2015

After a long journey north from southern Texas to Colorado, through many hours of rain and mist, we were stoked to be back in our favourite state with a couple of days of decent setups afoot. The first mission of the day was to swap our car. The primary problem we'd found with the Nissan XTerra (Egg Starer), after driving a couple of times in heavy rain, is that it tended to lose traction quite easily on wet roads - pretty badly when there was any standing water at all. This wasn't an ideal quality given the day to day activities, so we took it back and changed it over. Fortunately exchanging cars is a different queue to renting a new one as it was the Friday at the start of memorial weekend the queues were absolutely nuts.

Today would be a somewhat sprawling setup along the front range, with only small amounts of moisture, but the lay of the land (altitude and general topography) tends to mean Colorado punches above its weight. The main question was where it would kick off, along with whether, given how marginal the setup was, the storms would be able to maintain themselves if they did start.

From Denver we headed to Limon, and then down south towards the oddly, yet nicely named Punkin Center (not to be confused, of course, with Pumpkin Center, which is in South Dakota). We stopped in a side road to watch a couple of storms as they initiated and see how they progressed. 

Storm Early Development

Camera And Storm

We met and caught up with Nathan, a fellow UK chaser there, and Cambo found a small herd of friendly horses. Horses to one side and storms rolling in on the other is pretty much a perfect state of being for Cambo...

Horses and storms

Chestnut Horse And Cambo

After a couple of the storms we were watching failed to amount to much we fell back to waiting in Punkin Center and watched as storms fired up at pretty much equidistant locations away from us. One of these had actually been going for a long time and had been stuck firmly over the city of Pueblo, but this had now started to move, and while the other storms looked OK, this one had a reasonable track record, so we went for it.

We got into a good position and initially were taken aback by it taking the form of a giant fish...

Timbo And Fish Storm

The fish didn't prove to be dangerous, so we then watched as the storm fizzled out in our general direction in a peaceful and beautful, if a little undramatic, way.

End Of Day Storm And Car

End Of Day Storm And Gate

So we headed back through Punkin Center and past the horses, and back to Limon to rest up and, as fortune appeared to have it, not need to get up and drive all that far tomorrow...

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