Storms and Friends

23 May 2015

Our day begun in Limon, east central Colorado but an unclear setup had us slightly perplexed as to what our strategy was going to be. There was a slight risk covering most of the eastern part of Colorado. The best tornado risk seemed north of the I70 but by lunchtime storms were starting to fire in the south under clearer skies. We hedged our bets for a while, staying right where we were, between the two areas and waited for things to become a little clearer. We decided to go and find some mates who we spotted were in the area and in true English style, we all moaned about the weather for a while! In the end we were drawn south but headed there via our own chosen routes hoping our own paths would cross a little later.

The southern storms didn’t look like much to start with and after a few hours we pulled onto a gravel track to watch as the last cell in the line approached whilst we made some lunch. Whilst tucking into our sarnies, we were soon surrounded by armoured trucks and crowds of enthusiastic weather nuts all taking photos, pointing, getting people to take photos of them and their chase vehicles, film crews, trained spotters – the works. Still munching on our sandwiches we took this all in, slightly bemused, whilst keeping an eye on the approaching storm somewhat reassured however that we were probably in quite a good position given the popularity of the area. 

Storm Troopers

Storm Div

The wind was even so strong at one point, it blew this chap's hat right off.

Rasberrry Man (1)Hatless Raspberry Man (1)

Sure enough, as the storm approached it just kept looking better. Unfortunately though it was too cold and there was not enough energy in the atmosphere for the storms to pose any severe threat but the structure and green glow of the hail core was just awesome. We managed to weave our way out of the network of chase vehicles and back onto the road the way we had come, with the storm in hot pursuit, stopping for a few more photos as we went.

Storm Flowers

Storm Cheeky

Storm Whales Mouth

After a couple of hours like this the storms seemed to fizzle out and lose their strength. However with our friends still nearby we saw this as a great opportunity to all go and grab some food. So the evening ended with hours of gibbering together and very kindly being bought dinner by our good mates Paul and Helen before retiring to motel Walmart for the night. An OK day for storms but a great day for catching up with mates.


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