Slow play in Rapid City

20 June 2015

We awoke in Walmart after 2 nights in the car and no significant storms due for the day, we decided to take it easy, get ourselves cleaned up and head back out to our bargain campsite to see if I’ll ever learn not to overcook potatoes on a fire. In the meantime, if any storms did fire in the area, then we’d be in a good place to act.

We got ourselves cleaned up using a truckstop where showers and laundry facilities are all made available for the long haul travelers. This was a perfect solution for us. And by the time we, and our clothes, were clean, we had storms popping up around Rapid City. To watch the first one we only had to drive about 3 miles.

Early Storm

The next was a little more of a gamble. The storm was the wrong side of the Black Hills but we had a good option to intercept  it as it emerged from them. We headed to near Oelrichs and got into position to watch it roll in.

Supercell Full First Stop

Timbo Supercell Second Stop

It wasn’t particularly discrete, but it was a good looking storm so we got some good shots and timelapse, before its hail and some close lightning arrived and forced us down the road a bit.


Supercell Third Stop

After a couple of rounds of cat-and-mouse we were forced into a position of needing to either drive a long way south to get in front of it again, or take a more relaxed view of it heading off into the distance. Given the time of day we opted for the latter, stopping near some horses for Cambo to befriend, and I put my feet up to watch the weather roll away.

Horses And Anvil



We ended up back in Hotel Walmart in Rapid City...again...for the night where it wasn’t too long before some storms fired up and headed our way again. Anyone would think they had it in for us...

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