Slight Me

04 May 2015

Today's forecast was split into two distinct slight risk areas. We'd decided late last night not to undertake a gruelling journey down to Texas for what looked like a better setup than the local one. Better in many respects, but not the 12 hours extra driving. Additionally we had a distinct impression that the local setup might hold a little more than was currently forecast.

We awoke fairly early to find that the SPC had reached some agreement with us. Indeed they had delineated a 2% tornado risk for our part of the slight risk, so we felt somewhat vindicated in our decision. We set about honing our target area. Unfortunately by the time we’d bought some breakfast the forecasts had updated again and now the tornado risk was in Texas and we were forecast to get some scattered rainy thunderstorms. This was disappointing to see, but Pizza Hut’s sign inspired us…

Pizza hut weird billboard believe in yourself

No, I have no idea what that means.

We took a bit of time out in a McDonalds to make use of their coffee and WiFi and see if we could hope-cast some bad weather, but it was eluding us. It was quite an "intimate" McDonalds (sorry if that idea fills you with horror) insomuch as it had about 4 tables all about 2 meters from the counter, about 5 staff, and a classic rural Midwest feel. We got the feeling that we were not as welcome as the emphatic expressions of "you're welcome" implied, particularly as we spent about 2 hours there and bought a coffee, and shared a medium milkshake and a round of fries. We certainly couldn’t, between us, compete with the standard order of every other customer. Anyway, I digress, back to the weather.

Generally the forecast wasn't promising, nor were the current observations, so we decided to hedge our bets into an area which was as likely as this to have some bad weather. The area was also on route to tomorrow’s provisional target, which would mean getting down to Texas, so making a start sooner rather than later would be a good plan.

The drive down would traverse us rather neatly along the cold front that was providing the source of most of today's weather. Sure enough as we progressed, storm after storm fired in our path. While these were mostly multi cell thunderstorms, rather than any supercells, we were hit by hail a couple of times, some close lightning and attendant feel-it-through-the-feet thunder, some pretty heavy rain, and even got to see a little bit of structure embedded therein.

Wavy end of day cloud

Our drive on down to Texas would involve a few more storm dodges, and, gladly, dodging Dodge City, before heading to Dumas in Texas for the night, hopefully setting us up for what looked like a decent day tomorrow.

SPC Day 1 Weather Outlook as at 06:00UTC (01:00 Central Time the night before)

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