One and a half hours late

09 May 2015

Today started off on the wrong foot when we awoke an hour and a half later than intended, and it pretty much stayed that 1.5 hours out all day.

After choosing a target in Eastern Colorado, which was over 6 hours away, we had to find out in mild horror that a storm in our target area, a couple of hours before we could get there, spent an hour churning out high contrast and photogenic tornadoes harmlessly over fields.

When we did reach the area we got to see some slightly intimidating structure and some impressive lightning in the midst of what were otherwise peaceful scenes.

Railway line to lightning Colorado

Stormy skies in colorado 9th may 2015

As night time took hold we ditched the ongoing storms and headed towards tomorrows weather, passing to the south of a storm which was producing some nasty night-time tornadoes. We stopped in a town that this storm had earlier past through where the shopkeepers were keen to talk about the weather. At least that was until the owner saw Cammie’s “Weather Studios” hoodie, at which point she fell silent in obvious and strong disapproval of whatever-it-was that we were about. On the whole we don’t encounter any hostility from locals around us following the weather, particularly as we always try to treat the human element of the topic with utmost sensitivity. Indeed we’ve very rarely experienced negative attitudes about anything much that indicated anything worse than someone having a bad day. That is except for last year when we tried to buy beer on a Sunday, when the shopkeeper was appalled at our blasphemous behaviour. It was only when we reached the car that we realised where we were. The same shop and the same shopkeeper. In the whole of the Midwest one person has managed to have the worst attitude to us in 6 years of trips out here, in totally different circumstances, for different reasons. What are the chances?

Anyway, after a long drive, it was time to drive some more…so we headed off to Nebraska to rest up and wake earlier for better luck with tomorrow’s weather.

SPC Day 1 Weather Outlook as at 06:00UTC (01:00 Central Time the night before)

SPC 01:00UTC day 1 forecast for Sat May 2015

SPC Day 1 Weather Reports for the day.

SPC storm reports for Sat May 2015

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