Bloody Avocados

25 June 2015

Today’s post is going to have to be a short one as I currently only have the use of one hand. The other is out of action as I stabbed myself just under my index finger with a Victoria Nox knife whilst trying to extract the seed out of an avocado. I missed the seed, went through the av and the blade went straight into my hand. Suddenly there was blood everywhere including all over the av, this was followed by some near fainting and some lying on the floor of the rest area family bathroom with ice on my head to keep me from passing out with heat and shock. All OK though and bleeding stopped. Tim was amazing. Lunch was eaten and the chase continued.


The day started with a tornado warned storm up the road at 10:00am before we even had breakfast but we couldn’t chase it down in time and it fizzled. Then the avocado episode happened. Then all went quiet until 5pm when within about 10 minutes 100 storms all went up at the same time. We chose a goody, got another tornado warning but were unfortunately slightly too far behind to get a good view. Saw a big dark lowering up ahead but not much contrast. A tornado was reported though so we can put it down as a smudgy one.



Then everything started to congeal so we took a couple of last shots before heading to a Walmart where we knew there was a Mexican restaurant a short walk away and had a super scrummy massive end of season dinner courtesy of Sambo and JC – thanks so much guys.

Last Storm


So that rounds off another year, season 6, 2015. Only 10 months until we’re out again. Maybe by then I’ll have learnt how to use a grown-ups knife.

Also to round off the other days prior to this, the 22nd was a deliberate down day, the following day was a total bust with no storms so we went camping. Yesterday was a semi-bust but we did see a rainbow over a fairytale ranch in Wyoming that I would do anything to own. Lovit!

Ranch Rainbow 2




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