Big (clear) Sky, Montana

18 June 2015

Timing was our biggest concern about today’s setup. That and the fact that whenever you chase in Montana you need the storms to fire along the one road available. It looked like storms would fire somewhere over the higher ground to the west, and progress in some form to the east. We decided to hold out in the east ahead of where anything would pop up in a hope that we’d be have time to find a way to get a good position on them.

We parked up in Broadus, Montana, and set ourselves up for a wait. And wait we did. For quite a long time as it happened – and as we’d worried we might need to. So we waited on, met some other chasers, had a run, drank, ate and watched the skies.

Eventually, as the evening set in, we started looking for places to stay. Cambo had the superb idea to look for campsites, and it turned out there was a free one about half an hour up the road. After a quick recky to make sure it had space, we went to the shops to stock up on some stuff to make on the fire.

Firestarter Timbo

Firestarter Cambo

By the time we had the fire burning and camp sorted some storms had really got going to the west and were heading our way. We had a good amount of time though. We were able to have a couple of beers in the last of the evening light and, importantly, had enough time for me to annihilate my triple-baked potato, before the storms arrived. We had a last beer in the car while lightning wind and rain closed off the day.

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