Avoiding the flood and flirting with scud

25 May 2015

Texas and Oklahoma have been hit unbelievably hard this year with storms and incredible amounts of rain. In the space of just 3 weeks some places in Texas have turned from having been in drought to becoming sub-merged under water. Flash flooding seems a daily occurrence due to the path the storms are continuously taking over already saturated ground and not only that but many areas have also been at the mercy of numerous strong tornadoes on top of this.

It really isn’t a place anyone wants to be right now and many relief teams and emergency response units are doing their best to keep up with the disasters unfolding each day.  For this reason, we haven’t been venturing down that way at all, standing firm to the much publicised slogan of ‘turn around, don’t drown’ that has become a life moto for many poor souls living down that way.  

But the US is a big place and even though the systems from the south can have an impact on the more northern states, quite often the weather experienced by each of these areas is very different. Hence today, we once again opted for the chance of storms further north into Kansas and Nebraska where not only would they be weaker but the overall coverage in the area should be much less.

And less indeed it was. In fact, the 6 hour journey from southwest to northeast Kansas had us arrive in time to experience the rain from a couple of minor storms that were so negligible that they weren’t even really apparent within the wall of grey that surrounded us. We did see some slightly raggedy bases at one point that I photographed but I accidentally deleted them from my camera thinking I’d taken them by mistake yesterday whilst pointing in the wrong direction. I did however manage to keep a pic of the rain on the windscreen which pretty much summed up our day and another of Mr Pilkington pretending to be a rabbit during one of the day’s more maddening moments when the scud hung low and the drizzle kept us trapped in the car looking for ways to amuse ourselves. If this had been England, the storms would probably have maybe been kind of semi impressive, but only just.

No Storm Just Rain

Mr Bunny Ears Pilkington

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