A Vicious Undercut

20 May 2015

Although waking in the right State for storms, both geographically and mentally, our target area was still about 6 hours away - from Bowie to Fort Stockton down in southwest Texas. We nailed the drive in super-quick time, even relinquishing our usual Walmart morning pick-up of daily treats in order to not be late on any early firing storms. A couple of storms did and we were able to see them initiate which was pretty cool and the updrafts looked strong but terrain down this way makes maintaining a visual on the storms quite difficult and we chose to let the biggest of the bunch head off east whilst we waited, hoping for something to fire up a little closer to the cold front as it surged south.

Unfortunately it was this cold front that was to be both the cause and death of any activity in the area today. A little too eager, it ended up undercutting any storms that did fire – they looked promising for a period of time before fizzling. I could feel their pain – it really was starting to get too cold.  

We gave it a little while in the hope that the front may stall and something else would go up but it was not looking likely and any storms that did remain weren’t organised and were heading further south where desert escarpment made chasing even more of a challenge. So at that we called it a day and retired in the company of a ton of other chasers of similar mind-set to a local motel where a hot shower, beer and a film made everything better. 

Here's a boring photo of the day:

Img 1195

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