A Roadside in Texas

24 May 2014

It was up and straight to Walmart this morning to stock up with food bits including an avocado. Every other day is avocado day. I have become obsessed with them and seeing as though they cost the earth in England, I’m trying to get my fix out here before heading back. They may have even taken over the hue of a hail core as my favourite green! We also picked up a ruler to measure hail with – our latest addition to our storm chasing kit and some of those neoprene can holders in the hope that they’d be needed to keep our beers cold when the return to heat came!

In fact, today was quite a warm one, reaching 80’F in parts of south east New Mexico. We started the day a little late as it happened – too much faffing in Walmart I think, but we weren’t planning on going very far anyway – a little south to Monahan in Texas. Convection had started early off the outflow boundary of a set of storms from the previous night, but this wasn’t meant to be the main play of the day. So, although tempted to get involved, we decided to sit it out at a roadside just outside of Monahan and wait for the synoptic low to approach from the west and with it bring a new round of storms.

We waited, phoned home, tried to ignore the line of storms behind us, looked for lizards, made a sandwich, met up with some friends from Canada and England, waited some more, watched as the sun started to fade, made a coffee on the camping stove, discussed multiple other options and new plans. Then at the last minute, headed northeast off the back of a sign of storms approaching from the mountains to our west with an accompanying mesoscale discussion that these were likely to develop into severe storms.

But why oh why were they so late to the party? A drive 50 miles northeast got us close enough to get a few lightning shots, but it was getting so dark by this point that even finding a place to shoot the view from was becoming difficult and the lights from passing lorries, hidden bits of barbed wire and insects jumping at my face inhibited the success of the situation. So after half an hour or so, we returned to Pecos to find a Walmart for the night.

Lightning South Of Carlsbad 24 May 2014 

Lightning South Of Carlsbad 24 May 2014 2

I can still see the odd bit of lightning from that initial line of bloody storms. You know, the ones that were meant to fizzle and make room for the bad boys to come along. Oh well, at least we made up for the horrendous amount of gas we got through yesterday, met up with some friends and saw a bit of lightning. Far from a bust!

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