Day 21 - The Calm after the Storm

08 June 2012

We left the motel in Pueblo, Colorado at kicking out time, to start our drive back in the direction of the airport. It was a 14hr journey back to Dallas Fort Worth airport in Texas. If there had still been the potential of bad weather in the vicinity today, we would have stayed in the area and embarked on the long journey after the storms had died out. Unfortunately, the risk of any activity had diminished and although this was a disappointment, it did mean that we could take our time a little and drive back across the southern plains in a slightly more relaxed fashion. This is quite a contrast to the last minute hecticness of previous years.

 The only tasks we needed to achieve today were to pop into the Verizon shop in Amarillo to undo the mess the shopkeeper had left us in with trying to access our account, and end the day with an Applebees dinner. Applebees are a chain of bar/grills around the Midwest and a place where you can always get a beer and grab some food. They are pretty popular but we've never been near one at a convenient time to take advantage of beer and food.

Tim drove us to Trinidad in south Colorado where we fuelled up and oddly enough ran out of data. We had purchased 10GB of data for the trip and were sure this would be plenty enough and more. As it happened we had used it all up and right at this point. It was quite unexpected but couldn't really be better timed, seeing as though all we had to do was get to the airport. It also threw up the option of accessing the account which hadn't been possible before. This was great news. It meant no boring stop in the Verizon shop and meant we could take an even more leisurely journey. We had a wander around Trinidad where there was a local market on before continuing our journey. In fact, I was so relaxed that I just spent my time editing photos and forgot to navigate which meant an hour in the wrong direction. Oops! It's hard to edit photos in blazing sunlight so I created a dark room with my cardigan.

Tim drove us the rest of the way through New Mexico and I took over to do Texas. I love driving in Texas. The roads loosely loop their way around craggy outcrops but apart from the odd mountain or raised plateau, the landscape is flat, arid and desert like and there are loads of ranches and horses.

We drove from morning through to night and finally we arrived at Wichita Falls, Texas where we knew there was an Applebees. Before finding a local motel, we filled rumbling bellies with delights such as mozzarella sticks and steak and shrimp, washed down with an ice cold beer and jibbered about all we had seen and learnt on the trip, the highlights and what we could do better next time. Because oh yes, it's only 343 days till next time! 

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