Weather Photos

Welcome to Weather Studios, UK, where you can buy prints and images from our range of stunning weather photos taken in amongst some of the most exciting severe weather to be found anywhere in the world. As avid photographers with a love of severe weather we hope our photographs conjure up some of the awe we experience with these storms first hand.

We are both committed storm chasers and have many years experience finding and photographing the weather, particularly in the great plains of the United States where the topography and atmospheric setup result in the most photogenic severe weather conditions anywhere in the world.

Visit our catalogue to view our range of original weather photos.

Latest Updates

See new photos from our 2014 US storm chasing season and more in our photo catalogue.

We were especially excited to be out in the US Midwest for the entire season this year and were lucky enough to see some fantastic supercells, awesome structure and a few tornadoes. Visit our blog to read about all our adventures with the weather this year.

We are also pleased to announce that Cammie has taken on the role of Photo Editor for the Royal Meteorological Society, the Learned and Professional Society for weather and climate. Starting in August 2014 she will be in charge of selecting and preparing all the photos for the Society's magazine 'Weather'. Visit the RMetS website to learn more about the Society and even submit your own photos for potential publication.


Weather Photo of the Month

Our photo for August 2014 is one of the first displays of storm structure that we saw during our 2014 season. We had started the day in Texas, but caught this beautiful storm in Oklahoma and having been starved of storms for nearly 10 months, it was a treat for the eyes!

Early Structure

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